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DMCA / Copyright

At Gospel Rythm, we uphold copyright holders’ rights. Files can be downloaded directly from users or owners, or they can be freely shared on the social media accounts of the owners.

We keep an eye on every file we upload to make sure no copyrighted content is published. We invite you to utilize Admin@Gospelrythm.com to notify us when you believe a file violates your copyright or the copyright of someone you represent. This will help to ensure that the offending content is taken down from our service.

Include your relationship to the copyrighted work’s owner, your complete contact information, and the URL of the song, album, video, or article you’re referring to in your “Take Down Request” email.

As long as the takedown request complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other relevant intellectual property regulations, we will respond to it.

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