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Discover the heart-pounding tunes of Prince Dayo’s “Made A Way,” a This song celebrates triumphing over all of life’s highs and lows. Minister Deborah Olusoga, often known as Debby, is back with another stirring worship hymn that delivers in a straightforward hallelujah chorus while touching the soul and stirring emotions.

The Hebrew word “Hallelujah” means “Praise Ye Jah!” (from הַלְלוּ‎, “praise ye!” and יָהּ‎, “Jah”. .) In Hebrew, “hallēl” denotes a joyful, songful praise. Yah, the second word, is a contraction of YHWH, the most sacred name of the self-existent God.

Deborah discusses the song’s motivation, stating that John 4:24 mandates that “those that must worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”

“May we win every battle of life through Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, as we raise our banner of worship to the King of kings through this hallelujah worship.”

This brand-new song claims to entice listeners into a world of devotion and closeness. The song can now be found on a number of international music outlets.

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