[Video] Alagbara – John Omosuyi Ft. Adedayo Sekere

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John Omosuyi, a passionate supporter of Christian music that is in harmony with the written Word of God and represents Christ in a New Creation, has released his most recent single, “ALAGBARA,” which features Adedayo Sekere.
Omosuyi considers the biblical truth expressed in John 1:14, where the Word is identified as Jesus, the very essence uttered by God to bring forth creation, including people. Omosuyi draws inspiration from his deeply held belief in the transformative power of God’s Word.

“Alagbara (The Powerful One)” was born out of a deep realization of the influence and power of God’s Word on reality.

“Alagbara” is a song that Omosuyi recounts that was inspired by a revelation of the power of God’s Word, which she experienced many years ago.

The song started to connect with him as he engaged himself in the New Creation Message, exploring the deep realities of Christ’s work and the identity of believers in Him.
He continues, “My Spirit began singing the song dropped in it by the Holy Spirit until my mouth opened up and it became audible while listening to the New Creation Message about Christ and all He has done for us.”

Years later, Omosuyi works with Adedayo Sekere to make “Alagbara” a reality, which enables its potent message to be seen by more people.

Additionally accessible on John Omosuyi’s official YouTube account is the music video for “Alagbara.”

John Omosuyi is a minister of worship music for the New Creation who is committed to writing music that is in harmony with the written Word and acts as a potent vehicle for revealing Christ to a New Creation.

Omosuyi aspires to change people’s lives and lead his audience to a greater realization of who they are in Christ via his ministry.

Watch the video below.

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